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The Vision Statement

‘To establish the college as a model institution in the region for providing education to women otherwise considered as secondary citizens in society. To enlighten the minds of women for realization of their human nature, make them independent, form their identity, consciousness about individual existence, gender equality and serving the nation.’

The Mission

  • To provide higher education to women in society where they were neglected. As women are subservient, and limited to house chores.
  • To improve the position of women who are expected to be subservient to men and only manage household chores.
  • To empower them so that they can stand on their feet, come to so called level of men and cultivate develop their own decision making ability.
  • To educate them to develop their potential and make them self- sufficient to handle moral, emotional and personal issues.

Objectives of the college are

  • To educate the girl child and make them aware that they are responsible citizens of society and country.
  • To motivate girl students to pursue goal of academic excellence and make them knowledgeable and resourceful.
  • Enable students to bring out best in academic, cultural and sporting areas.
  • To make women capable to achieve professional and employment goals and become economically, socially independent.

Core Values are

  • Core Values of Institute
  • Social and Gender Equality
  • Respect for National Culture and Symbols
  • Responsibility towards Society
  • Commitment towards obtaining Goals of Institution
  • Integrity
  • Humanity

The female education society is the first institution in this region was established to address the educational and developmental needs of this backward area. Female education society which has served the region from the year 1945 has been quite consistent and dedicated in serving students and society and it has earned a good reputation for excellence.

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